Myerside Sandy Beach

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Tuesday Tip: July 4th on Fort Myers Beach

Tuesday Tips: July 4th Visit Wow, July 4th is next week already. Fort Myers Beach is a great place to spend it. What is better than fireworks over the gulf and there is so much going on! Saturday June 30th from 9:00am to noon, Ostego Bay Marine Science Center is[…]

Family Vacation Tips- Sunglasses

Tuesday Tips: Remember your shades and you child’s also! Sunglass are extremely important when you’re at the beach, just like your sunscreen. I bet you didn’t know that your eyes can get sunburn just like your skin. And let’s be cool about it, shades can be a great fashion statement[…]

Family Vacation Tips – Beach Shoes

When we go to the beach, we like to wear out beach shoes, especially in the summer. We have clean beaches at Fort Myers Beach and there are a lot of really incredible creatures frolicking in the water, just like us! It is amazing to see all the shell fish,[…]

Sunscreen tips for your family vacation with us!

There are a lot of family beach vacation checklist out there. Here is a link to the list I really like! The Top Three on my list are Sunscreen, Sunscreen, and more Sunscreen! I live here and you wouldn’t believe how many time I pull out my beach bag, get[…]