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Family Vacation Tips – Beach Shoes

When we go to the beach, we like to wear out beach shoes, especially in the summer. We have clean beaches at Fort Myers Beach and there are a lot of really incredible creatures frolicking in the water, just like us! It is amazing to see all the shell fish, star fish and sand dollars in the water and a great place to observe them is from a sandbar! As the water warms up, matting season goes into full swing. While beautiful to watch, if you step on a stingray, that barb really hurts! Wearing your beach shoes can help. Remember to do the stingray shuffle. When you are in the water, shuffle your feet along the bottom rather than lift your feet. The vibrations of your feet shuffling will scare off animals that could be a threat and also keep you from stepping directly on the barb of a stingray. Beach shoes also protect your feet against small bits of sharp shells. They protect your feet from walking on the broken sea shells that get smashed in the surf to create our beautiful white sand on Fort Myers Beach. sand dollar on Fort Myers Beach

Remember, we know traveling with your family means you have to bring a lot of stuff but we try to make it easier for you by providing Beach Towels, Coolers, Ice, Sun Umbrellas, Beach Chairs and Sand Toys for the kids. Come, enjoy our Island and have fun!

  • Thanks Beaches of Fort Myers and Sanibel for the beautiful picture!