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Family Vacation Tips- Sunglasses

Tuesday Tips: Remember your shades and you child’s also!

Sunglass are extremely important when you’re at the beach, just like your sunscreen. I bet you didn’t know that your eyes can get sunburn just like your skin. And let’s be cool about it, shades can be a great fashion statement for your whole family. Only 78% of adults wear shades and only 58% of parents have their kids wear them! Spiderman sunglasses

Another fun shade fact, the most important times to wear them is at the beginning of the day and end of the day when the sun is at an angle and shinning directly into your eyes. Ultraviolet rays (UV) are extremely dangerous to both your skin and your eyes. Dangers range from sunburned eyes to cataracts and even cancer. Sunburned eyes are when you spend the day at the beach or even skiing and you experience redness, swelling, and dry eye. Sometimes you can see spots that can last up to a few days. The lighter your eye color the greater your risk. Other reasons to wear shades include reduced wrinkles around the eyes but reducing sun exposure. Start your kids getting used to wearing sunglasses as infants.

Older kids can have great time picking out cool shades and they don’t need to be expensive to buy a few pairs so you always have them. Let you kids put their personality on display with the shade choices. Hey and even your dog can get cool shades. I found the ones for my pup online.
Check to make sure that which ever glasses you pick, they do provide UV protection and wrap around choices block out more UV. Many stores on the beach have sunglasses for both adults and kids. Most stores carry really large selections. Goodz on Fort Myers Beach has a large selection of sunglasses as do many of the boutique stores on the beach. Remember, they don’t have to expensive. Walmart has a pretty good selection, too. I know they often get lots. Have fun and find a cool pair of shades for your beach vacation and remember to include the whole family.